Shaolin Kung Fu
Manchester South Central Kung Fu School

Booking Form – Private Tuition

Sifu accepts only those applicants who are highly motivated and can fully commit to their studies for the duration of the course. it is essential that each student engages in a preliminary conversation with Sifu at the end of their introductionary session, to determine their individual route within the training programme, so that a distinct path to progress can be established. 



It is important that you and Sifu feel at ease and comfortable with each other. In this introductionary session Sifu will take you through a condensed session so that you can see how a session is put together and the benefits that a personal training session could have to you. Please complete the booking form below for your introductionary session. This session will be scheduled once Sifu's PA has received your booking form. The fee for this session is £30, including your insurance. Please note that all Sifu's teachings are conducted in an outdoor environment in South Manchester - Heaton Mersey. 




Once you have completed your introductionary session – and demonstrated your suitability to progress – you will be permitted to move on to the next stage of development noted below.

  • Programme Type: Short 
  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Duration: 8 consecutive sessions
  • Fee for each term: £160
  • Training Time: 8.00am - 9.00am
  • Training Day: Sundays
  • Training Location: South Manchester - Heaton Mersey