Shaolin Kung Fu, Manchester
Jiu Fa Quan - Nine Methods Fist


Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

In line with Public Heath England guidance, to support the need for social distancing, we have ceased all of our activities until May the 1st.



Welcome to Manchester South Central's school of Shaolin kung fu.  We are a prestigious martial arts institution that operates under the watchful eye of Sifu Shahrokh Na'el – an extraordinarily passionate instructor who has devoted over forty years to the exploration of the classical Asian fighting arts.



Sifu has now been training like-minded enthusiasts for many years, and throughout the course of his tenure as a teacher he has had the pleasure of imparting these skills to students of all ages and cultural backgrounds.  He emphasises quality over quantity and strives to transmit the depth of his knowledge to those practitioners who display the commitment to fully appreciate these profound teachings.


Sifu only teaches to a selected number of students at Studio 3, Heaton Mersey,  which is perfectly positioned between Didsbury and Stockport. His teachings are on every Monday and Friday, from 7.30pm to 9pm. He also teaches privatley at Manchester Metropolitan University's sports facilities.




New Students:

We are always prepared to receive new students with varying or no experience. We have a broad range of students, all with varying degrees of ability, age and experience, but the main goal is to develop mentally, physically and spiritually. Many enjoy the challenge and rise to it.

Only a limited number of students selected each year. To register your interest, please use the Registration / Enquiry Form on this page.


Training Programme:

Introduction to Shaolin Kung Fu Training and Practices

Programme Type: Short

Skill Level: Beginner

Duration: 2 terms of 8 consecutive sessions

Fee for a term: £80

Training Time: 7.30pm - 9.00pm

Training Day: Fridays


Once a participant has completed the two terms and demonstrated their suitability to progress – they will be permitted to move on to the next stage of development. It is essential that each student has a preliminary conversation with Sifu to determine their individual path / training programme to progress.


Training Clothing:

The following links are suggested links only. New students can purchase their clothing from any supplier as long as they have the same spec:




All participants must have a valid insurance before joining any of our training sessions. After your registration our admin will contact you to arrange your insurance.



Registration Form:

To register your interest in our activities, please use the registration form below. 




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