Shaolin Kung Fu
Manchester South Central Kung Fu School



Welcome to Manchester South Central's school of Shaolin kung fu.

We are a prestigious martial arts institution that operates under the watchful eye of Sifu Shahrokh Nael – an extraordinarily passionate instructor who has devoted over forty years to the exploration of the classical Asian fighting arts.




Having established Manchester South Central Kung Fu School in 1989, Sifu has been training like-minded enthusiasts for many years, and throughout the course of his tenure as a teacher he has had the pleasure of imparting these skills to students of all ages and cultural backgrounds. He emphasises quality over quantity and strives to transmit the depth of his knowledge to those practitioners who display the commitment to fully appreciate these profound teachings.



Sifu accepts only those applicants who are highly motivated and can fully commit to their studies. The training sessions are traditional and conducted outdoors. If you are interested in studying privately with Sifu, please contact our school's adminstrator, using the enquiry form below. Upon acceptance, it is essential that each student engages in a preliminary conversation with Sifu to determine their individual route within the training programme, so that a distinct path to progress can be established.


The School is currently closed due to COVID-19 Panademic.